February/March 1996

  • Cultural Economies, The Drawing Center / Counter Culture, Exit Art - [JHH]
  • Klein Dytham Architects, Tokyo, Website - [SG]
  • Lucky DeBellevue, Feature, Inc., NYC - [LD]
  • Julia Scher, Andrea Rosen Gallery, NYC - [RS]
  • Charline von Heyl, Friedrich Petzel Gallery, NYC - [RS]
  • Angels and Insects, directed by Phillip Haas - [NB-S]
  • Larry Clark, Luhring Augustine, NYC - [RS]
  • Cult of Claude, HEREart, NYC - [CW]
  • Ricci Albenda, Postmasters, NYC - [JC+TJ]
  • Miles Coolidge, Casey M. Kaplan, NYC - [JC]
  • Carl D'Alvia and Judith Eisler, Lauren Wittels, NYC - [JC]
  • Platipussy, Alex Lambert, Jose Freire, NYC - [JC]
  • Ikea, Thomas Egger and Jochen Klein, Printed Matter, Inc., NYC - [JC]
  • Lisa Beck, Lucky DeBelevue; Richard Kern; Richard Bloes, Rachel E. Harrison, David Moreno at FEATURE INC, NYC - [SG]
  • Low Cool, Walter/McBean Gallery, San Francisco - [GH]
  • FAT, Interview with Josephine Meckseper - [RD]
  • Left of Center, Ten in One Gallery, Chicago - [AS]
  • 12 Monkeys, by Terry Gilliam; City of Lost Children, by Jean-Pierre Jeunet & Marc Caro- [NB-S]
  • Screen, curated by Joshua Decter, Fredrich Petzel, NYC- [KS]
  • Julia Fish, The Renaissance Society, Chicago - [AS]
  • Hate, interview with director Mathieu Kassovitz & Jodie Foster - [RD]
  • A Labor of Love, The New Museum, NYC - [RS]
  • Institute Benjamenta, interview with directors the Brothers Quay - [RD]
  • Regards sur l'art, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris - [JN]
  • from December-January
  • from October-November

    Manami Fujimori, Susan Goldman, Craig Kalpakjian, Rainald Schumacher

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