Author: John Connelly --- Date: 02/29/96 --- Copyright: John Connelly

Carl D'Alvia and Judith Eisler

Lauren Wittels
580 Broadway, NYC
Thru March 2nd

Paintings by Eisler of animals engaged in every day postures. The images are third or fourth generation, painted from photos taken of TV screens. The result is three bewildering and astonishing Polke-like near-abstractions unfortunately pared with an inexplicable oversized and featureless white bust full of smooth pit marks by D'Alvia. Space 1999.

-John Connelly

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Idiot Savant --


Bubbalee --

Lauren Wittels is an excellent gallery plus the proprietress is one long, cool drink o' water.

Gale Ohio --

Jeg er glad for, at hendes vigtidt maleri skal vise frem nu. Hun har magt over tingene, og det kan man godt lide. Tak.