Author: Luke Dowd --- Date: 03/11/96 --- Copyright: ThingReviews NYC

Untitled (detail), 1996

Lucky DeBellevue

Feature, Inc
76 Greene Street, NYC
through March 30

Lucky DeBellevue's recent participation in the March group show at Feature includes two large pipecleaner formations, one hanging tinfoil structure, and a series of interlocked rings on tinfoil hooks. Sunbeam, made of pipecleaners, is the most distinct representation with its crystallized light falling from an invented window. Sunbeam is a drawing and points to an exterior focus. The other pieces, without clear reference, abound in the purity of incessant nervous energy, resisting the notion that sculpture has to refer in the first place.

These works maintain that in order to get to nothing one must first pass through something. Figuration in this context clouds and disenables that experience by allowing attachment to something.

-Luke Dowd

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the whole world has to see this?

Suzanne DeBellevue --

Very nice work. I know that I am related to you! I am Charles B. DeBellevue's oldest daughter! I am a graphic design student at San Diego State University. What do you do? Do you live in NY? My dad lives in Missouri with the rest of my family. I am really interested in chatting with you. Please E-mail me back! Suzanne