Author: Rainald Schumacher --- Date: 03/08/96 --- Copyright: ThingReviews NYC

Fibroid Reliquary Table #1, 1996
photo:Peter Muscato; courtesy Andrea Rosen Gallery

Julia Scher
american fibroids

Andrea Rosen Gallery
130 Prince Street, NYC
Thru April 6

Security by Julia sounds like a company, which offers some kind of protection from ... what? Yes, that is a good question, does art provide security for the individual and the society against something and from somebody? For a couple of years Julia Scher is working with this slogan and with the equipment of surveillance and monitoring. She used the technology with it's obvious ambiguity. If you are playing "big brother is watching you", than you are monitoring places twenty four hours a day and you will see people in situations which range from buying cigarettes to performing unsafe sex. A monitoring and monitored society travels deep into the realm of voyeurism.

In this installation at Andrea Rosen she has rebuilt the chaos of a small surveillance company's workshop. You are welcomed, entering the exhibition space, by a turnstile. All the items are labeled as if they have been parts from her earlier installations or the left-overs of her stock. A cash register underlines the impression of selling out. Anyway, artist have to live from their products, so the question from the beginning stays open. What kind of security does the work of Julia Scher offer? The security that art has to be open for the assemblage of a seeming chaotic order, held together on the surface of a minimalistic carpet, divided into four parts.

-Rainald Schumacher

Fibroid Reliquary Table #2, 1996
photo:Peter Muscato; courtesy Andrea Rosen Gallery

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Bill Previdi --

What is going on here? Can ANYONE post a review? Was this translated correctly?

vargas-suarez universal --

I saw this exhibit in march of 1996. I visit nyc frequently and see heaps and mounds of shit but Julia's work cannot be considered shit at all. This is one of the very few shows that I still think about quite often! VS-U Austin, Texas USA

Denis Beaubois --

I would like to speak / type to Julia.

susan white --

Julia-I finally got on the net...glad to see you! How"s trix at the Bunting? Can you let me know when you will be talking there, showing work, etc.?

susan white --

sorry, no e-mail address as yet. Be in touch later.

Julie Scher --

We share the last name. Is yours pronounced share also? I am a student in Toronto,Canada. Regards JVS

shari --

Hi, I am looking for Julia's e-mail. We are a large interactive media company looking for artists like herself. If you could just reply with it, I would truly appreciate it. Best regards- shari

Patrick Corcoran --

Hello, I am doing Julia Scher for my thesis, and finding it hard to get info on her. I would love to get julia's e-mail address. Can anyone help? Does anyone else have an interest in surveillance?