Author: Susan Goldman --- Date: 03/11/96 --- Copyright: ThingReviews NYC

Klein Dytham Architects, Tokyo

The Peanut , Building for The Frontier, Tokyo World Expo 1996

Klein Dytham Architects, British and living/working in Japan, have put together a novel and eclectic web site encompassing both their own professional projects and their personal favorites in the latest industrial, consumer product and package design in Japan.

Ghostbusters Toilet ,Building for The Frontier, Tokyo World Expo 1996

Apparently having gone to live in Japan to work for Japanese architect Toyo Ito, they now have established their own practice. Their projects on view on the site are related to Ito in their elegant and innovative use of transparency and lightness. The work sets itself apart through the use of some surprising and humorous elements. Their humor seems to spill over in there choice of the various products on display in the FETISH section, including a machine to remove gum from subway stations.

It is clear that Japan is in another realm than we are in the West in terms of emphasizing the design of culture, the design of technology, and the way in which the focus on technology in everyday life can be highlighted and manipulated through design. See the Klein Dytham hair salon project for example. Their ephemeral and temporary kiosk structures are a part of the Tokyo World Expo 1996, for which Toyo Ito designed the overall plan and main structure encompassing spectacular Sony Megatrons--huge TV screens for outside viewing. The expo's purpose is to explore the function and manifestation of the city in the 21st century. Visit the site, cool off with a Fuzzy Navel, and kiss the future...

-Susan Goldman

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H.klein --

THE THING is great. Good layout and highly interesting. found even someone with the same name as I have. regards Hansjoerg klein

ed --

i like the Idea you will give organic things a real art place

Nagisa Kidosaki --


simon wise --

ken & Victoria --

hi guys. We hadn't relaised you don't appear to have the MetaTokyo stuff anymore - it's now a badly designed site that we can't be bothered to get in to. Hope all is well with you in the world of peanuts and ghostbusters. Regards to you both - Victoria and Ken. PS second para: 'there choice' should read 'their choice'. Sorry to be pedantic!