April/May 1996

  • Francis Picabia, Centre Pompidou, Paris - [JN]
  • Richard Phillips at Edward Thorp, NYC - [ST]
  • Nam June Paik, San Jose Museum of Art - [GH]
  • Shred Sled Symposium, Thread Waxing Space - [RS]
  • The Gramercy International Contemporary Art Fair, NYC vs. Barneys Warehouse Sale, - [E]
  • Art club 2000, Michael Lavine, Richard Prince, at Jose Freire, NYC - [JG]
  • Tosca Burgtheater, Vienna - [SBV]
  • by night, Foundation Cartier, Paris - [JN]
  • Berlin Diary, Pit Schultz, Berlin - [PS]
  • Inside the Visible, Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston - [BP]
  • Cheryl Donegan, Tent, Basilico Fine Arts, NYC - [JF]
  • Jan Fabre, Trois Solo's, Theatre de la Ville, Paris - [JN]
  • Tatsou Miyaijima, Foundation Cartier, Paris - [JN]
  • Boris Mikhailov, Art of the Indigent, XL Gallery, Moscow - [SK]
  • Franz West, Proforma, Museum moderner Kunst, Vienna - [RF]
  • A Journey to Berlin, Observations by Wolf-Günter Thiel, Berlin - [WGT]
  • Daniel Wiener, Bravin Post Lee Gallery, NYC - [AS]
  • Daniel Knorr, World Market, Update, Copenhagen - [WS]
  • Fate, directed by Fred Kelemen, Anthology Film Archives, NYC - [RD]
  • The New French Thought, Observations by Joseph Nechvatal, Paris- [JN]
  • Margaret Curtis, Kuntry Matters, PPOW, NYC - [AW]
  • Rachel Harrison, ARENA, Brooklyn, NY - [PL]
  • Glenn Branca, Symphony #9, The Polish Natonal Radio Symphony - [MG]
  • Matador Magazine, Tretyakov Art Gallery, Moscow - [SK]
  • Rachel Harrison, ARENA, Brooklyn, NY - [KS]

    Manami Fujimori, Susan Goldman, Craig Kalpakjian, Rainald Schumacher

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