Author: Serge Khripoun --- Date: 03/21/96 --- Copyright: ThingReviews NYC

'MATADOR' magazine
Presentation of the 2nd number
Editor-in-chief Konstantin Ernst
at Tretyakov Art Gallery, Moscow

Last Sunday 'Matador', the leading Russian magazine about arts, cinema, style and fashion, celebrated its 2nd number successfully coming hot out of the press.

Packs of artists, actors, art- and film-critics, groupies and paparazzi, had a noisy party at Tretyakov Art Gallery. The presentation went on inside an installation by Alexander Ponomaryov, between long thick ropes hanging from the ceiling all around the exhibition hall. Champagne splashed onto unpacked glossy copies of the magazine, editorial staff got congratulations, everybody had fun.

One important feature of 'Matador' is continues - as it comes out with the second number - support for non-commercial art projects, which could get a half- or full-page advertisement for granted.

Serge Khripoun

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IceBox --

IceBox was opened one and a half year ago in Athens, Greece with the aim of bringing the edge of contemporary art to Athens. Artists already presented so far: Devon Dikeou, Meg Cranston, Rainer Ganahl, Henry Bond, Peter Zimmermann, a.o. We send you some information and a recent catalogue about our activities and recent NY show "Between the Acts", which is now shown in Oslo, Norway. We have an extended library of international magazines, journals, books and catalogues. Therefor, we would like to have a copy of your magazine in IceBox. Venetia Kapernekas, director Els Hanappe, assistant director

IceBox --

Re: addendum to our previous message IceBox address: IceBox Patission 151, 2nd floor 11251 Athens Greece Tel.+30 1 3412633 Fax +30 1 8640391

Jenny --

i was looking for something about my friend who died this past spring her name is kristina kapernekas she drowned in cancun in april i searched for her last name and this is one of the things that i was sent to please help me if you can i will be waiting a respones thank you from the bottom of my heart