Author: Amy Sillman --- Date: 03/31/96 --- Copyright: ThingReviews NYC

Loggerheads, 7x16x13 inches, Hydrocal, Sculpey, wire,and acrylic - 1995, courtesy - Bravin Post Lee Gallery

Daniel Wiener
Bravin Post Lee Gallery
80 Mercer Street, NYC
February 24 - March 30, 1996

You walk into the gallery as if into a landscape of drawn forms meticulously envisioned, materialized and on display, a geography of intricate things hung above, below and out in front of you. Things glandular, haptic, organic, complex. The cumulative effect is a kind of cabinet of wonders in space, much like going to the Orchid Show or some fabulous aquarium, where animal/vegetable/mineral displays inhabit consciously orchestrated empty space.

The orderly distance between each piece emphasizes the fact that you have to move through the room from thing to thing and moment to moment. Like a Japanese garden instead of an English one, the organic has been deliberately cultivated and organized by man-- but unlike a Japanese garden, everything is mutating and sprouting in a miniaturized unruly comic animation, the gross and globby having its place with the jewel-like and the amazing.

In previous Wiener shows, big dramatic things often looped, drooped, coagulated and then extended into the tiniest attenuations and endings. In this show, Wiener insists on brevity and intimacy, forcing us to get up close and inspect these quivering little things. It's wonderful. Life is in the details.

-Amy Sillman

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