Deleuze & the dialectic

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Posted by Sam Binkley on June 07, 1996 at 18:20:23:

In Reply to: Reading Seminar: Deleuze posted by Rainer Ganahl on May 16, 1996 at 10:25:00:

Hello to Rainer and all. can I submit a comment? I quess so.

It seems to me that the essay on Sacher Masoch is
less an effort to " de-idealize psychoanalysis,
to make the same operation with psychoanalysis as
Karl Marx had made with Hegel" than it is to fuck
with Hegel's dialectic on a deeper level. Deleuze's
quarrel with the dialectic is more in the spirit
of Bataille and Nietzsche's anti dialecticism than
marx's materialism. The reason I say this is that
Marx's materialist critique of Hegel maintians the
structure of the dialectic, he just sees it in a
materialist history of production rather than the
movement of historical world spirit, bla bla bla.

sacher Masoch is not Hegel per se, but Freud
applies a dialectical notion of power and
eroticism in interpretting a "sado-masochistic"
subject. This is what Deleuze wants to attack.
For Deleuze, Freud's sado-masochistic couple
resemble Hegels's Lord-Bondsman, and he wants to
disrupt this tidy dialectical reciprocity.

I don't think he really makes a critique of
psychoanalysis per se (at least not to my mind a
strong enough one), and he certainly doesn't
"stand Freud on his head" rather, he continues a
criticism of Hegel which continues to obsess
french theory today, and begins the "schizophrenic"
stuff he is to develop in anti oedipus.


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