It was once a small bad Cyberstar... (Just in! Brandnew!)

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Posted by Chris Blister on February 13, 1998 at 17:01:07:

It was once a small bad Cyberstar...
Tja, there one wants a email-listed a computer art Design Ichweissnichtsogenau price to out-praise and cannot even to administer. Proudly the
WDR and the GMD transmitted the message that they found a jury for the second edition of the Cyberstar price now also, to hundreds, if not
even thousands email addresses. Who did not want to have these beautiful PR messages no more, should, as answer normally usual (almost)
with a " DELETE " in the concerned line. It did that some, with the effect that now again all addressees got these DELETE messages, and
received the comments on it again all and so on. The network Guru Howard Rhine gold asked still quite friendly " unsubscribe everyone, DO
SOMETHING ", others transmitted referring to violations of the law by inadvertent enamels in some American States of, many occupied the
Germanic Dilettanten with various insult words, quite friendly ones wrote detailed guidances, how one removes a Mail list again from computer.

This afternoon (13 February 1998) Monika finally apologized meat man and Ute contactor of the GMD for the Mailterror the last day, which is to
happen " sorry.txt " to the concerning shortly by email. Therefore one adjusted lists together internally and falsely released in the end the test
version on the network. Naja. Additionally one was so sure itself of its information value that - the small Cyberstar from Cologne/Bonn by the
way always speaks English - that thus: " we did NOT expect any unsubscribe requests. " In other words: Which occurs to you at all not to have
wanted our mad Cyberstar information no more! And like that it is not in sorry.txt also anywhere mentioned that the thing has now really an end.

That the Cyberstar, the WDR, which occurs to GMD such an embarrassing breakdown it fits quite well that the scene the price anyway for a
mixture out idea-ideenklau and holds PR. Nothing different one is actually also in the advertisement: " the Cyberstar was started up to find
around for the fusion of the traditional broadcast media with the computer and network technique suitable styles ". Evenly, " to find ", with
altogether 35,000 Marks prize moneys abspeisen, and then itself verwursten sometime.

And because it, still another quotation is so beautiful: " in its speech on the award of the Cyberstar television director Joern Klamroth brought
the intention of the competition to 95 on a concise formula: ' for the WDR it is natural to use the new technical possibilities not only for its
transmissions of representing but also in the program and of energizing and of promoting their development. ' " Thus only " find ", then "
naturally... for its transmissions... use " and in the end generously completely let down themselves, the Cyberclowns " also in the program to
represent ".

Descriptor: DELETE!

Christoph blister

Data: The bad small Cyberstar danced of 11 until 13 February 1998 by the network, its parents is the WDR and the GMD (one considered here
the broad master performance in the WWW Design, particularly within the lower area), which created also a children's room in the WWW to him.

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