Mass Suicide/Mass Culture

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Posted by ricardo dominguez on March 27, 1997 at 11:35:45:

"The concept of the spectre will prove very useful for both the
radical and the conservative."

--note from The Ghost

Techno-mystics,UFOs,comet creeds, and of course the
"Solar Anus" are all in top form today--
hey this guys even have a WEBsite! The "exit" culture
movement couldn't ask for better posterboys than this.
Even the name of these techno-monks, "Heaven's Gate,"
brings to mind Cimino's great film debacle--maybe they
had a film treatment for a remake of this bad/classic 70's
flick and were turned down--so they decided to turn
it into an X Files rerun instead.

As for the "Solar Anus" angle, just remember that
Bataille called for a society of sacrifices that
did not hide in the darkness--but moved openly
among the community--so these "ButtHeads" went
for the media thang (by the way the videos they
made during the last hours--will be out
soon from Time-Warner--even as I write the deal
is being worked out)--one last thought on this
mass suicide for a mediaculture event:

What we need are not shared fantasies of crossing over
to the Other Side--but hauntologies that bring
the ghosts back into the body of the masscult--not
to take us over--but to make us remember.

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