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Posted by GGH on November 04, 1997 at 17:55:15:

In Reply to: BKPC - A Brief History posted by G.H. Hovagimyan on November 04, 1997 at 12:02:10:

Barbie at the Gauntlet

"Are you sure you want to do this?" asked Ken nervously. "You might
regret it later."

"Of course I'm sure," snapped Barbie. "I haven't regretted cutting my
hair, have I?"

Ken let his eyes rest on the stubble that was all that was left of her
luxuriant blonde mane. "But your hair will grow out again." He gestured
at the piercing studio. "This seems so permanent."

"Ken, my hair doesn't grow when I cut it. I'm a doll, remember? But I'm
sick of being an impossible ideal of feminine beauty. I'm sick of making
little girls feel inadequate because their figures and their lifestyles
don't measure up to mine. It's time I took control of my own body and my
own destiny. I'm going to have my nipples pierced. Now, are you coming to
hold my hand or do you want to wait out here?"

Ken flinched. "I'll stay out here. I've had a thing about needles ever
since I was injection molded."

"Fuck you!" said Barbie. "And I was going to get your name tattooed on my
ass, too." She turned on the heel of her new Doc Marten's and stalked
through the doorway.

"You'll void your warranty," Ken shouted after her.

Inside, she signed the release form and was led into a private room at
the back of the store. There was a chair just like the one in her "Dental
Hygenist Barbie" set. For a moment she imagined herself tied naked in the
chair while a masked figure menaced her with an array of needles. With a
shiver of anticipation she brought herself back to the present.

"If you could take off your shirt and sit down, please," said the short
and bubbly woman who was going to pierce her. Barbie removed her flannel
shirt, sat back and closed her eyes. "First I'm going to sterilize the
skin with - Oh my God!"

Barbie opened her eyes at the exclamation. The piercer was staring with
disbelief at her breasts. The doll looked down and saw two immense
plastic protruberances, totally devoid of nipples.

"Is this some kind of a joke?" asked the piercer. "You don't have any
nipples to pierce."

"Fuck them!" wailed Barbie. "Fuck those stupid motherfucking shits who
designed me. I'd like to rip their balls off with a blunt breadknife. OK,
never mind, I'm in control." She took a deep breath and reached for the
belt of her Levis. "I'd like you to pierce my cunt lips instead."

Poor Barbie.

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