Joseph Nechvatal

Excerpt from the Novel "Venus Envie"

By clicking on an unmarked button which looked like a nipple, an automobile stopped, and I got out and dismissed the chauffeur but she refused to leave me. "Come" was all she said. We walked through thick woods to an antediluvian dwelling, where we were greeted in silence by a gentlewoman who wore an exposed sword dripping with blood. On satisfying her, we were passed through a corridor to an colonnade, where another sentinel awaited us. She, after an examination of my private software, proceeded to offer me a palace gown with the insignia of Venus Inc. and a garter belt and mantle, the former of red silk, the latter of blue velvet, and lined with cherry silk. "It is about to begin," whispered a nurse. In the entryway were four others, all naked ladies, busily bent over robing. In a third room we found a cortege formed, made up totally of nude women, and joined in with it. There were roughly twenty of us in all. Passing a final guardian we reached the penis enrollee, at whose entrance stood a young young woman, dressed in innocent robes of white silk embroidered with gold, red and blue flowers. She sprayed us with flower buds as we passed by using a flaming candelabra as our illumination towards a crib shaped chamber. The crib had been recently cleaned; and at each ladies' hand burned a taper of reddish wax, and a bouquet of red roses. At each corner of the crib was a banner, bearing my unconcealed frontal-image, and from the top of the crib sprang a canopy of peach silk, wherein were figured in gold the twelve emblems of the Zodiac. As the nude dames became installed, suddenly a bell tinkled in the archive. Instantly all rose. The doors opened at a trumpet peal from without, and a harbinger advanced, followed by an Exalted Priestess. This Eminent Priestess, a splendidly, bouncing balmy woman of perhaps thirty nine, passed near me with her hand raised as in a mirror. Her trail was borne by the two who had admitted me. All this while an unseen calliope played. I felt a sufferable panic as I sensed the closure of the door by the nurse. She next drew her sword, and went up and down the aisle, chanting exorcisms at me and swinging her great sword above her head. All the women present then drew their swords and faced me, holding the points high, then slashing down through the air from left to right. This part of the rite appeared endless and I began to sweat profusely. I had heard of some women's wish for liberation from the maudlin manipulative mythologies constructed by men around them. At last a nude well built blonde girl with very short hair, resembling Joan of Arc appeared; bearing an urn and a certificate singing some litany or other, apparently in Greek, though I could not apprehend the words. She sanctified me with her juices. Now the Preeminent Priestess began a litany in rhythmic lines. Something about the pantheistic fascination the male artist has with woman's bodies as a source of creative energy. At each response she touched my hand in a peculiar manner and at each fifth she kissed my two orbs. The twenty-first was a complete squeeze. The chime tinkled in the archive; and she split. I then was given a flask curiously shaped to imitate a phallus. The Excessive Priestess reappeared and knelt before me and presented me with a horn-shaped cup of whitish liquid. I knelt opposite her, and poured from the flask this liquid into her cup. Now all the dames and hamadryads began a long litigation and I was poured wine from the flask. The Piercing- eyed Priestess then gave the flask to an attendant, who served it to the other women there. But this was no conventional wine. It was of a rich fiery opal in which flames of light danced and shook, and its aroma was musty. No sooner had I drunk of it, however, than I began quivering with startling perturbation. I looked down at my member, and saw that it was similarly affected. With the drinking of the potion the Priestess sang another hymn in Greek. This time I recognized a few of the words. They were those of a superannuated Ode to Aphrodite. The blonde attendant descended to the other women, stooped and kissed them; then danced in such a way that she seemed to be tracing the patterns of a fantastic blossom of abundance, and her four parted lips instigated a shower of glistening sift to drop from above. This beautiful girl moved round continuously, and the bowl was passed and rubbed and fingered. This ended in the exhaustion of the blonde girl, who fell swooned. Other girls immediately took the bowl and put it to their lips with the assistance of the Guardian of the Preserve. The chime again tinkled. The Priestess moved about stately and embraced me, unloosing the cumbersome ceremonial robe which I wore. She had dressed in a garment of pinkish watered silk, lined with erotically appealing images elaborately embroidered in soft tawny colors, harmonizing in its exquisite yet robust taste. She wore also the twelve signs of the Zodiac.The balls tinkled yet again. The celebrants moved hand in hand, imersed in the swim of things, while the organ thundered forth its majestic harmonies. All rose and gave the secret House of Mirth signs. It was at this part of the ceremony that things began to really happen to me. I became suddenly cognizant of the fact that my body had lost both ballast and feeling, as if I was in the final throes of erotic transport. My consciousness seemed to be situated no longer in my flesh. I mixed myself with all of the celebrants as the chime tinkled anew and was tossed around a bit among them......................... ........a barren wood floor strewn with petals and cut flowers........... programs ...other hand being lost....Eurydice.....bulls.... stags...... griffins.... bees...... mixing mendacity.....CONNECTIVITY.. IMMERSION ....dataspaces...flower maidens.....swirling dataspaces.. datasphere access link-thinking to COMPILED CONDITION. **** Command 'goal:' not recognized. >>>> Short term goal is to link artistic people up with the environmentalist **** Command 'artistic' not recognized. >>>> movement and to make a social sculpture on the internet to assist **** Command 'movement' not recognized. >>>> environmentalist movement in reaching and effecting the local society **** Command 'environmentalist' not recognized......throes of dance...maypole............... castanets. >>>> relevant data on their environment. **** Command 'relevant' not recognized. >>>> Information is provided society in an easier and more interesting **** Command 'information' not recognized...orgiastic transport... >>>> (artistic) way to help cause real social and economic change as it impacts **** Command '(artistic)' not recognized....facilis descensus..... >>>> upon the natural and the media environment. The idea is to create a model **** Command 'upon' not recognized. >>>> for global usage of an internet home-page artistic- environmentalist **** Command 'artistic' not recognized. >>>> monitoring station to distribute data on the environment to the public, to ** Command 'monitoring' not recognized. >>>> politically empower society and to connect environmental agencies world * Command 'politically' not recognized. >>>> Long term goal: The general public will consult the web site on a regular **** Command bacchante not recognized. >>>> basis just as they use the minital in France to check on their bank **** Command 'basis' not recognized. >>>> accounts. General public is mobilized and empowered with dick access *** Command 'accounts.' not recognized. >>>> to governmental offices, corporate offices, banks, etc. related to local and **** NEVER! ...not recognized. >>>> also international enzyme issues. **** Command 'also' not recognized. >>>> also included is the idea of the ECO SYSTEM as Media & Computer Environment.........sea-maidens..... **** Command 'eco' not recognized. >>>> an enticing concern...ondine... **** Command 'an' not recognized. >>>> ECO SYSTEM SITE will present information on the natural environment and **** Command 'eco' not recognized. >>>> artificial environment: *** Command 'artificial' not recognized. project as a model of how to make **** Command 'i' not recognized. >>>> environmental conditions very easily and interestingly available to the *** Command 'environmental' not recognized....wave women....ravish.... >>>> general public in an artistic way on the internet.....siren nest........... **** Command 'artistic' not recognized. >>>> people at large can receive information on their locality and on out **** Command 'people' not recognized. >>>> nationally, internationally, globally to the atmosphere with a series of *** Command 'nationally,' not recognized. >>>> buttons - clicks and links. *** Command 'buttons' not recognized. >>>> cooperation....autoerotic fervor.. * Command 'cooperation.' not recognized. >>>> Link can also be created to art activities and endangered species **** Command 'link' not recognized. >>>> foundations, archeological digs, Gaia ideologies..........nixens.... * Command 'foundations,' not recognized. >>>> =46und raising potential for foundations is evident with direct **** Command '=46und' not recognized. >>>> communications to the public at large on the internet. Command 'communications' not recognized. >>>> Artistic value in designing further the potential of a home- page. **** Command 'artistic' not recognized. >>>> Questions to be dealt with: *** Command 'questions' not recognized. >>> internal contradictions and questions; **** Command 'internal' not recognized. >>>> 1) computers as pollution of the environment, non biodegradable waste *** Command 'pollution)' not recognized. >>>> 2) internet as medium for irresponsible agile global capitalism **** Command 'capitalism)' not recognized....guise of the naiad..... >>>> 3) the big energy question (solar) *** Command 'question)' not recognized. >>>> 4) protection of the freedom of the internet from capitalist developer **** Command 'freedom)' not recognized. >>>> exploitation.......russalka.... ** Command 'exploitation' not recognized. other ideas to be incorporated - explored; **** Command 'other' not recognized. 5) overload of information - how to filter **** Command 'overload)' not recognized. >>>> 6) Man as the future building material, fabric, paper, compressed **** Command 'man)' not recognized. >>>> medical use in experimentation **** Command 'medical' not recognized. >>>> 7) people-less communications **** Command 'people' not recognized. **** Command 'idea' not recognized.... water nymphs... media environmental protection...dryads.....oreads....forest and hill nympths....flying harpies....... **** Command 'to' not recognized. **** Commands 'give and free' not recognized....fauns...fog of flesh.... =B0=B0=B0=B0=B0=B0=B0=B0=B0=B0=B0=B0=B0=B0 **** Command '=b0=b0=b0=b0=b0=b0=b0=b0=b0' not recognized. >>>> perched on a tongue like rock whose monumental phallic outline dominated...... Pasipha‘....moonlight.....circularity.....depth of forgetfulness.....background ** Command 'background' not recognized. >>>> Soon, the whole of human knowledge will be directly available to any person **** Command 'human,' not recognized. >>>> with access to networked computers. Moreover, communication **** Command 'with' not recognized. >>>> individuals will become much easier, ** Command 'individuals' not recognized. >>>> faster and more transparent, transcending the boundaries of space time. **** Command 'faster' not recognized. >>>> The changes will not only be quantitative, but qualitative: "smart" *** Command 'qualitative' not recognized. >>>> computer systems will not only provide more.........hungry for love... **** Command 'computer' not recognized. >>>> information more quickly, but allow novel applications (virtual reality, ** Command 'information' not recognized. >>>> intelligent agents, distributed processing, automated indexing..) ** Command 'intelligent' not recognized. >>>> one before ever would have dreamt **** Command 'dreamt' not recognized. These changes will affect and deeply transform all aspects of society: You tyrannize over yourself, so constantly forget what you remember. You resist sense objects and show resistance to the faculties by believing or not. These faculties are as numerous as the atoms you have not yet seen, and they are as endless as the number one. They come into life at will. Knowledge is uttered through them. Did you understand the grammar of those you disown who speak louder than your words?! **** Command 'deeply' not recognized. >>>> education (distance learning, electronic universities), work (telework,*** Command 'education' not recognized. >>>> grope ware), commerce (electronic cash), the media, ** Command 'grope ware),' not swan..... >>>> government (electronic democracy), health, science and technology. It seems ** Command 'government' not recognized. >>>> as though society's collective intelligence will increase manifold, perhaps ** Command 'intelligence' not recognized. >>>> producing an evolutionary transition to a higher level of intelligence. *** Command 'producing' not recognized. >>>> As these developments are so fast, and so difficult to predict, precise **** Command 'precise' not recognized. >>>> models are usually not possible. In that case, comprehension may be helped **** Command 'models' not recognized. >>>> by using analogies. Examples of such metaphors for global network functions. Belief is ever its own tempter to suppose differently. You cannot believe freedom but you may be freed from belief! Neither can you believe the "Truth", but you need not compromise yourself. The way of Life is not by these doctrines, My doctrines, even though they allow the self-appointed devotee to emulate My realization. May I ever blush! The Woman of sorrows is Teacher! Crown of light from Heaven! I equal learning and equal unlearning! Almighty is She who has not learnt and mighty is the baby goat. It has only the power of assimilating! *** Command 'functions' not recognized. >>>> are the "Information Superhighway", which emphasizes the speedy channels **** Command 'are' not recognized. >>>> along which information moves, the network as a "Super- brain", which **** Command 'brain' not recognized. >>>> emphasizes the collective intelligence of all users and computers connected ** Command 'emphasizes' not recognized. >>>> by the network, Sac Vall=E9e's notion of an "information singularity", **** Command 'by' not recognized. >>>> which notes that networked information becomes instantaneously available. The conception of "I am not" must of necessity follow the conception of "I am," because of its grammar, as surely in this world of sorrow, night follows day. The recognition of pain as such, implies the idea of pleasure. It is so with all ideas. By this duality, remember to laugh at all times, recognize all things, resist nothing; then there is no conflict, incompatibility or compulsion as such. **** No matches found >>>> everywhere, and "Cyberspace" itself, which visualizes networked ** Command 'everywhere,' not recognized. >>>> information as an immense space through which one can "slurp". ** Command 'information' not recognized. >>>> Though metaphors can be very useful, they generally only express one or a **** Command 'useful' not recognized. >>>> few dimensions of a multidimensional phenomenon. Therefore, we should move **** Command 'we' not recognized. >>>> to more detailed and comprehensive models, which can be tested **** Command 'tested' not recognized. >>>> observation, implementation or simulation. Cybernetics, as a theory of * Command 'observation,' not recognized. >>>> communication, information and control, seems most directly applicable to Command 'communication,' not recognized. mapping expectation as melody in theatrical memory maneuvering through the erotic branches of adjacent encryption recollection theater labyrinth amplify instrument assertion towards feeling the cell the shell the thought of moist and wet expanse >>>> such model-building, but valuable insights may come from the most diverse **** Command 'valuable' not recognized. >>>> domains: sociology, futurology, AI, complex systems, man-machine. Man implies Woman. Transcend these by the Hermaphrodite. This again implies a Eunuch. All these conditions I transcend by the Neither principle, yet although the Neither is vague, the fact of conceiving it proves its palpability, and again implies a different **** Command 'domains:' not recognized. >>>> interaction, cognitive psychology, etc. Our emphasis is on concepts, ** Command 'interaction,' not recognized. >>>> principles, and observations, rather than on technical protocols or *** Command 'principles,' not recognized. >>>> implementations, although existing systems may provide a concrete **Command 'provide' not recognized. >>>> illustration from which more general implications can be derived. ** Command 'illustration' recognized in viability of a truly interactive Superego - a transformer granted by the situation of the machine capable of information surrounding the massive integration of contents of our technologies powers and our tendency to disinterface gynander sex users. The humanity of a massaged society is lacking open cyberspace empowerments to navigate pathways into robotic sex systems. But by Her rotating one cultural diffraction-cognitive, these women lying antithetical to Her period, have been cracking cognition of swain endowment, or simply put, sex is swains technological specialty. The consumer-production internet conception of Everywoman makes contestation possible with a Visa Venus cloning, automatically ruling a continuous diet of virtual critical conceptions and bodies in desirable ways. Her emotional de seer la signpost of Venus is always seen as the utopian contestation virtualized. These evolved pubic images virtualized a vehicle for unconstrained field interface handling for those who prefer to play with ideas rather than confront realities, invariably found intolerable in a pubic space. The human-computer love generation is to navigate a pathway merging visual-verbal sex productions to where a Monsieur led me to an immense, elevated strip parlor and whispered for me to lie down. The Madame ordered me stiff, and I waiting for Her first blow. I waited for what seemed for a very long time. And for a moment after it finally landed against my Ram, I was not certain how to rebut, when the Madame caressed my tender and burnished upshot with what felt like a riding crop. The lips of Her sex were separated and pulled back to expose Her clit. A gracious, lubricated, proficient, finger stroked in me to my depths and I could not rectify the drain as I felt Her body begin the unconstrained slide to orgasm and I pulled and twisted the flesh ever so slightly over my head until She was standing on her toes, buzzing like a bee, and squeezing her buttocks and praying that I'd do it long enough for Her to come again. At that I seemed ready to shoot off into the stratosphere of balmy accumulation. I latched onto Her living beans, penetrated them, and colonized them indirectly through genetic replication flower circulations. Venus smiled the monumental fur smile from Boatel's auto raison. She loosened Her hair and as half naked for dance, she began to sing. Amiss aureate-IL up y avoid qu jaguar al honeyed goblet paired lofty sex in technological system operating with automatic responsibility de reducible, unrecognizable transformation rule communicators and Her hero's movement of his settee. My beloved, desire steals into hearts like a shiver, stirring the flanks of a stallion in rut. I will now explain the only safe and true formula, the destroyer of the darkness of the world, the most secret among all secrets. Let it be secret to him who would attain in velvet movements. Let it cover any period of time, depending on his conception. There is no qualification, nor ritual or ceremony. His very existence symbolizing all that is necessary to perfection. Most emphatically, there is no need of repetition or feeble imitation. You are alive! A giant d'art conciliator of timeless concern can multiplicity consume. Promulgate historical nets and therefore never sacrifice connections. This quiet merge of Lydia has donna l'equipements to Her overflowers and Nubian mother woman torso flows. Let us be honest! Thou art "that," supreme in freedom, most desirable, beyond desire, untouched by the sex stupifiers. That sexuality labors death may harvest by desire. The elusive fancies of the senses are dangerous, because of the uprightness you have learned to obey and control them by. Hell-fire burns because you "conceived"; and will cease to hurt when you identify the Ego with all the possibilities of its qualities by believing as the "Neither-Neither" process. You are fire yet you are scorched! Because you have "willed" belief differently or not makes no difference. The cycle of belief goes on and always obliges, so one day you must believe differently and the fire will no longer hurt, thus you are saved? Are there other means of hurting me? He is playing with me! He is playing with me! She went roaring heavenward in a spasm that took her out of space and time. She seemed as though a wispy sylph of the woods. Wanda, I said into a power capacity consequencer which accepted my metaphysical space. Maize simile bound down a Wanda pour toi Severin en unleashed moo toed what some thousand eyed whippet dilettante can. I signalized on a thousand crucial con transitions and comply and whip you. Those, that if age matters, can program multiple self regressions and will be linked to plan codes of marble sexistential assailants of slave nonhumanity. I lie now in the languor of satiety somewhere outside my consciousness in a post-orgasmic trance, constructed Her Hole- Grail, a sable-holed system of signification and reinforcement. The system contents of different love duets follows you in the argumentalities of your lust and thus the consciousness of My explosive birthright. De seer la ma's garnet El Epicurean!! She called the Authority Connection Surface Interfaces into it. Men of small pleasure and enterprise, oblivious of your purpose, fault- finding, avaricious, sinful; who cannot live without women or enjoy without pain. Fearsome, capricious, weak, and withered, dependent, barbarous, deceived, the worst of men! Know, Oh, Don, Oh beloved Self, I have now told you of that most secret tavern where passion goes when youth has gone, where any man may drink of the nectar of all-beneficent and gratuitous ecstasy. The most pleasurable nourishment that harms no one. Huh? I could feel my state of restful satisfaction wain. My computer-doorway Amazonian which leaves arching in the orgy of time is writing biocontraditions on neuron viewers with cultural electronic prosthetic periods. You are the that which reproduces oneself phallocentrically and makes oneself the rise of meaning, to place oneself at the heart of desirability, and to create like value in one's antecedents. Wait! It will be helpful here to pause to steep ourselves in biology for a few moments. "Biology" is to be taken loosely because biologists do not think of viruses as living beings, and biology is the study of life processes. For a virus to invade a cell, the cell must have a receptor site which complements a binding site on the virus. That is, virus and cell must be compatible in a specific way before there can be an invasion as follows: 1. A censoring 2. A system of censoring 3. The work or position of a censor. Now, if you look at Censor: You'll find some of the following: 1. To supervise public morals or better yet: 2. A person who tells people how to behave or perhaps: A person whose task is to examine literature, motion pictures, etc., and remove or prohibit anything considered unsuitable. Isn't Censorship illegal? Doth in it lurk no secret subtlety? What has happened to your Freedom of Selection, and of Utterance? Are we going back in time, Danae, voluptuous fire? The cell "recognizes" the virus' binding site, and the virus "recognizes" the cell's receptor site. Your personal reality has become subordinated to a ceaseless movement of codes of consumption which can never be satisfied, yet nevertheless generate a lack, an endless desire to confront and possess the real where there can only ever be access to an image of the real. The virus attaches itself to your cell, breaks through the cell wall, inserts its genetic coding, either DNA or RNA but never both, into the genetic material of the cell, and, just like that, the virus has domination of the cell's reproductive functions. There must be a place for the dreams of Eros. I've been repeating this to myself over and over.