Re: Brener & Flash Art - Terrorism & Naivité

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Posted by Zeigam Azizov on May 16, 1997 at 02:24:48:

In Reply to: Brener & Flash Art - Terrorism & Naivité posted by rainer ganahl on May 09, 1997 at 22:48:48:

dear rainer,

speaking of the security and relating it to brener's "action" i am
also thinking of the art atmosphere in russia, and artists relation to this
issue. when last year before short criticism on russian artist that i
included in
article for your book iI was also thinking of this question. After a long
time of soviet power in russia "breaking the taboo" was also the beginning
of "new society". The notion was used as opposed to "security" that was so
important for soviet power.

and many russian artists including novikov and brenner were speaking more
of " breaking the taboo" (it is i guess different to transgression)
than of "respect" . i certainly agree with you about the "culture of

"Respect" is an invention, and instrument as "democracy" and "security" is.
It is also definition of limits, where for the lack of the better we agree
with it.
Today in often brainless, cynical art world we can speak only of this

For the last few years i heard from some artists about their desires to
violent actions. I particularily surprised when one very important artist ,
(you also know him) told me about the importance of "brutal violence and
agression". "microfascisms" that are almost popular today is horrifing!
Very often this kind of
desire today expressed as "capturing the imagination", or to be "creative"
that is possible to hear from important art dealers, who has power(it is
particular case about london). But Brenner's action is also true of
"capturing the imagination" at times when violence so much expected ...

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