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Posted by Mai-Thu A. Perret on November 25, 1996 at 08:21:48:

In Reply to: the real secret of police interventions posted by rainer ganahl on November 13, 1996 at 10:07:10:

: : Dear Rainer, this is very nice story. This could have
: : happened to me - but the other way round. Did I
: : tell you the story how the police caught me in
: : Tokyo at 3AM in the morning and accused me of
: : driving a stolen bicycle??
: : You will agree that the answer: This bicycle belongs
: : to a friend of mine is not a very good excuse if
: : have little information about this friend because
: : all you knew about him was contracted via email.
: : So, a "email-friend" is no real body for the police.
: : There is normally no last name, because you write
: : to his acronymous account, and there is no "adress" because
: : the email-account can be everywhere.
: : If the Tokyo Polive didnt believe me that I had his
: : "real" phone-number at my hotel at Shinjuku, and I
: : was really lucky that I made a copy of it the evening
: : before, I would have been in the same situation
: : that I had to "track" him down via his email-account
: : - in order to prove that I was not riding a stolen
: : bicycle.
: : The lesson? You can use "real" things, but they belong
: : only to "virtual" persons. Next time "viruatl" police
: : can give you "real" punishment?!?
: : Yours
: : Stefan

: as you know, I was too constantly harrassed by the japanese
: police about the status of the bicycle I was riding.

: the most interesting thing was to observe how, over months, I slowly
: became completely destabilized and paranoid through these constant
: police interventions

: I got a slight idea how psychological destructions operate for persons of color
: who get constantly harrassed by the police in almost every european
: country on a daily basis...
: the effect of permanent police control causes a serious
: psychological problem even if all the papers are correct

: and this seems to be the true goal of this police actions

: Frantz Fanon can teach us a lot about this

i am always interested to read comments of white people who
go to asia and experiment a sense of weirdness and even
harassment by the police there. i am half vietnamese and preparing to
go there for the first time with my mother who hasn't been back
since she was eight, and i get terrified at how in between and foreign
i am going to feel there. i went to the vietnamese embassy in
london to get my visa two days ago, and it was utterly spooky.
faces like those of your family (i never knew any vietnamese
outside my family in switzerland, so origin was deflated to a
personal issue, with all the possibility to simply forget), while
knowing that they were in a way the archetypal ennemy, who shattered
my grandparents life and put them in prison camps etc. i got
completely paranoid and refused to leave my french passport with them.
the weird thing is, obviously, that there is no feeling at home either
in england because i have a french accent on top of the asian looks.
in fact, feeling at home anywhere is simply not the option, because
when you belong nowhere you are pushed by the drive to always feel a
little less at home by constantly moving and travelling. interestingly,
you become a chameleon. evidently somedays it is also worrying, like where do you vote
(three possible countries). where do you take political action
(where you are at the moment, but that never lasts long). who do you fight?
fanon in this context is both invigorating and just another proof of your
original aporia (at least he could refer back to martinique, feel the urgency of
the african situation.what about mercenary rebels?
when you belong everywhere do you have the right to position yourself anywhere?
i wonder how much of kristeva's apoliticism (in favour of psychoanalysis- you never
loose psyche- your country...) is due to her emigration to france, to this adoption
of a 'new' place.

about vietnam?
i wanted to do a cahier d'un retour au pays natal super8 movie there and then
i realised.
"natal" ? "return"?
stop joking. it ain't got nothin to do with ya.

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