Re: Text of payment/agreement between gov.and paramilitary

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Posted by ellokal on December 30, 1997 at 15:06:32:

In Reply to: Text of payment/agreement between gov.and paramilitary posted by rdom on December 30, 1997 at 09:58:31:

Remember what the el Salvadorean and US government told the
public? But with the effort of those who continued to press for an
investigation, the UN Commission for the Truth, with Congressman
Moakly, got us information that proved that 19 of the officers
indicted for the murder, were graduates of the School of the
Americas, now we also know that the battallion that did the massacre,
was under advise of a US army advisor. (Film from SOAWATCH).

Remember the El Mozote massacre? Again, they denied it happened, now
we know how the US was involved.

Remember the murders of Comander Everardo of the UNG of Guatemala and
of MIchael Devine? The US denied knwoledge, and now we know there
were done by a US operative on payroll by the CIA.

Remember all the years when the Pentagon denied the use of torture
manual at the SOA? and yet father Roy Bourgeois,M.M> continued=to
denounce them and called for investigations? we know that
they used them..they ended up habving to admit it when the public got
to the those manuals are known through the Freedom of
INfomation Act.

I personally do not believe they will change, but I do believe
that with knowledge, comes empowerment of the public, of Civil
Society, and now it is much more difficult for the powers that be, to
hide what they do. They are not invincible, they are there because
we the people give them is us, the people who must hold
them accountable for their actions and demand to know what is it they
do with our tax dollars and in our name.

Each time we the people, force the government the army, to be
accountable for their actions, we make it that much more difficult
for them to get away with the impunity of the past.

We must not remain silent, for doing so makes us all acomplices by
omission. We must not give in to defeat, for we the people, have
the future in our hands. Alone, we can do nothing, but together, we
are millions of voices that are raised in unison and can not be

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