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Posted by carmin on November 12, 1997 at 15:19:19:

To add bytefuel to the winds of change, I created a zipfile of G. H. Hovagimyan's BKPC (Barbie & Ken Politically Correct) I-Net Art. G. H. and I would like you to download it, unzip it, and publish it on the web. The point here is to replicate many, many instances of BKPC on the web.

G. H. sez:
"My intention for my work on and off the internet is to *culture jam* on global icons. The larger issue is one of participation and redress within a mediasphere/ society. Mattel Inc. is using provincial copyright laws formed with the advent of printing and mass production. It assumes this covers symbolic language and interaction as property. Mattel is dead wrong. What occurs with BKPC is the beginning of a discourse on the *information society* of the next century not the worn out retreading of previous icons and epochs. Indeed the issues raised by BKPC have little to do with *appropriation* , commodification and marketing. This all done within an economy of means delivered via the world wide web. Not even Wired magazine's Joey Anuff could see the broader implications of this work, choosing to diss Wolfgang Staehle (Thing Communications) and me as trying to provoke Mattel's ire. This is the typical *old media* tactic of creating outrage to sell product. My position has and will always be about opening new ways of seeing while arguing for the power and relevance of art and artists."

Here are my BKPC links.
a) My own BKPC website,
b) The link to my page with the BKPC zipfile (size = 831KB, download time = less than 8 minutes w/28.8 modem)

As children, my friends and I had Barbie and her friends doing whatever we could think of. Most of which would have 'given Barbie a bad name'. But nothing we did made any difference at all. There was no negative impact on Barbie. Barbie's not plastic -- she's Teflon. Our children still want Barbie dolls. BTW - Ever notice those dirty old Barbies are usually headless?

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