Digital Delirium (The Best of CTHEORY)

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Posted by NetNews on April 07, 1997 at 12:52:17:

Digital Delirium, the best of CTHEORY, will be published in
early May. It's a genuinely great book, and we're very
excited about its publication and the outstanding
intellectual quality of each contribution. Web thought
meets cold print!

Arthur and Marilouise

Digital Delirium: Table of Contents

Digital Delirium ix
Arthur and Marilouise Kroker
30 Cyber-Days in San Francisco
Arthur and Marilouise Kroker
Singing the Blues in Cyber-City 2
Red's Java House 4
Digital Dustbowl: Squatting On the Dock of the Bay 6
Remake Millennium 7
Yahoo! Capitalism 9
30 Smoke-Free Days in California 10
Digital Angels: Timothy Leary in the Clouds 11
Out There Havin' Fun in the Warm California Sun 12
R.U. Sirius
The View from Butte, Montana 13
Pat Munday

Digital Futures

It's Better to be Inspired than Wired:
An Interview with R.U. Sirius 16
Jon Lebkowsky
Unstable Networks 25
Bruce Sterling
Global Debt and Parallel Universe 38
Jean Baudrillard
Cyberwar, God and Television:
An Interview with Paul Virilio 41
Louise Wilson
Vivisecting the 90s:
An Interview with Jean Baudrillard 49
Caroline Bayard and Graham Knight
Civil Society, Fanaticism, and Digital Reality:
An Interview with Slavoj Zizek 64
Geert Lovink
Panic Quake Servers 73
Frank Lantz
Captain Kirk Was Never the Original 74
Alan Shapiro

Net Politics

Infobahn Blues 84
Robert Adrian X
Digital Humanism:
The Processed World of Marshall McLuhan 89
Arthur Kroker
The Cybernetic Delirium of Norbert Wiener 114
Stephen Pfohl
Cybernetic Delirium: Two Remixes 132
Jace Clayton & Sasha Costanza-Chock
Zapatistas: The Recombinant Movie 135
Ricardo Dominguez
Hyperreal Serbia 143
Aleksandar Boskovic
Berlusconi is a Retrovirus 145
Lorenzo Miglioli
Notes for CTHEORY 152
Hakim Bey
Growing Old with Negroponte 156
David Cook
Net Game Cameo 159
Deena Weinstein and Michael A. Weinstein
Memetic Flesh

Memetic Flesh in Cyber-City 166
Arthur and Marilouise Kroker
The Nanotech Future:
A Digital Conversation with BC Crandall 168
Arthur and Marilouise Kroker
Requiem 174
Kathy Acker
Conceiving Ada 182
Lynn Hershman Leeson
An Interview with Stelarc 194
Paolo Atzori and Kirk Woolford
Debauching the Digitalis 200
Sue Golding
Bring the Noise 203
John Noto
Camcorder: Deluxe Titles Suck Optical Coitus 209
John Noto
Augustine of Epcot 212
Daniel R. White
Where Do Angels Hang in the Cybernet Nineties? 219
Michael Dartnell
Discovering CyberAntarctic:
An Interview with Knowbotics Research 232
Paolo Atzori

Global Algorithm

Tokyo Must Be Destroyed 241
Ken Hollings
Stalking the UFO Meme 253
Richard Thieme
Transmitting Architecture: The Transphysical City 260
Marcos Novak
Media Archaeology 272
Siegfried Zielinski
Fonts and Phrasing 284
Alexander Galloway
The Aesthetics of Virtual Worlds:
Report from Los Angeles 288
Lev Manovich
The Loss of Cultural Diversity? 301
Bernhard Serexhe
The Technology Of Uselessness 306
Critical Art Ensemble

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