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Posted by D S Hendler on March 14, 1997 at 15:48:37:

The American highways have their Kerouac (On the Road). The human body
has Asimov (Fantastic Voyage). Middle Earth has Tolkein (Lord of the
Rings). Interzone has Burroughs (Naked Lunch). And the web? The web has You.
All of you. I am soliciting the response of everyone I can get in touch
with between now (March 13, 1997) and April 14, 1997 to contribute to a
large scale (dare I say epic?) art project. The novel of the web by the web.
During the week of April 14, I will be posting every response, (yes, every
one) to a continuous (though perhaps non-continguous) story line off the
ACTLab web site (The Advanced Communications Technology Laboratory at the
University of Texas at Austin- www.actlab.utexas.edu).
Please send all responses/contributions/inquiries (no spam) to
bison@mail.utexas.edu. Write "web novel" in the Subject Header.

The story thus far: "G" (for Girl, for Guy, for Gaze, etc.) has seen
something traumatic, splitting hir from hir origin. S/He goes on a journey
through the web to consider what is going on. You may fill in the blanks of
G's life in any way you see fit. You may bring in other characters. In
short, you are writing the story. Reports of G's activities (whether first
person (from hir POV) or from an externalized third person (or even a
second person narrator) can be as long as you please, but please, no
attached files.
Contributions should/ may begin, "Then G went to (a URL)... and saw (x)
and thought (y) while there." The idea is not to collect as many URLs as
possible, but to explore the possiblities of what happens in/ on web sites.
This is web theatre, created by the audience.
Also, if you want your name attached to your piece(s) of writing, include
it (as you would like to be known) in the body of your message. Lastly,
contribtions written in HTML will be posted before those that are not.

Please forward/ pass this on to as many people as possible. I apologize in
advance for cross-posts.)

D S Hendler

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