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Posted by ricardo dominguez on February 04, 1997 at 11:16:25:

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Rabinal Achi/ZapatistaPortAcion


President Zedillo's e-mail:


Lic. Ernesto Zedillo Ponce de Leon
President of the Mexican Republic
Mexico City, Mexico

Dear Mr. President:

In February 1996, the National Commission for Mediation (CONAI),
the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN), and legislators of the
political parties PRI, PAN, PT and PRD that make up the Comision de
Concordia y Pacificacion (COCOPA), hammered out an agreement on Indian
rights. All parties signed this agreement. It was, and is, the vital
ageement to win peace with justice and dignity in today's Mexico.

Now one of the parties that signed that agreement refuses to carry it
out. President Zedillo, the only party that rejects the agreement is your

In November of 1996, the COCOPA prepared a document for all the
parties involved regarding constitutional reforms related to recognizing
and increasing the rights of indigenous peoples in Mexico. The document
was signed by the EZLN without changes; but you asked for and received more
time to enable you to make observations of it. Instead of your voicing
commentaries or observations, you completely changed the COCOPA document
and demanded acceptance of this new proposal. Yet the changes you propose
negate all the agreements already signed between the EZLN and your
government in San Andres Larrainzar on February 16, 1996.

We who sign this letter want to express our strong support of peace
with justice and dignity for all indigenous peoples, for all Mexicans, and
for all the peoples of the world. That is why we urge that you respect
what has already been agreed to, and signed. We ask for the fulfillment of
the document prepared by the COCOPA and signed by the EZLN. We ask simply for peace - peace with justice and dignity. You can bring it about by
signing and by re-affirming dialogue in Chiapas.

At this moment your military commanders in the state of Chiapas,
often using U.S. equipment, are putting extraordinary pressure on Indian
communities. Fear is everywhere. Many believe that you are preparing for
all out war. President Zedillo there is an alternative; pull back the
troops and implement the agreements reached in February of 1996!

We join with tens of thousands in the U.S. who are re-affirming our
commitment to these issues during the coming week in neighborhoods, at
workplaces, on school campuses, and in the offices of our elected
officials. No one wants war! Certainly the indigenous communities of
Chiapas do not deserve to die at the hands of the heavily-armed, U.S.
equipped Mexican Army. U.S. citizens do not want resources we gave to stop
drugs used to repress Indians in Chiapas. Mexican citizens do not want
Indian blood on the hands of their brothers in the army.

President Zedillo, we await an expression of good faith by the
government you represent. Please send your troops back to their barracks;
please implement the peace treaty signed last year.

Yours for peace with dignity and justice,



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