Author: Rainald Schumacher --- Date: 11/7/95--- Copyright: ThingReviews NYC

Jes Brinch + Henrik Plenge Jakobsen, Michael Peglau
AC Project Room
15 Renwick Street, 2nd floor, NYC
(212) 219-8275
Thru Dec. 23

Friendly and with a love for details painted landscapes by Michael Pelau are greeting you at your entrance to the new space of AC-Project. But inside sleeps the horror. The Kindergarten, this mostly expensive day-nursery filled with laughter and softly educating games and social plays burned out, destroyed by a fire. This site of a disaster looks convincingly natural with the dark wallpapers, the tiny chairs and tables, the burned downed small lockers and all the deformed plastic toys. The colorful world of a well protected childhood gone in an artistic special effect. Using trompe l'oel techniques and the never ending story of ready-mades it convinces you like an installation by Mark Dion, and it's playing with all your sleeping nightmares of the possibility of something, that looks like the end of the world. It talks a lot, about Waco, the Oklahoma bombing, burned out houses of Turkish people in Germany by molotov-attacks of Neo-Nazis. It talks about war and what remains, a dead world. Not only war but also natural catastrophes or terrible accidents. It's the same story which you can find in the paintings. Two people walking with bazookas through a field, airplanes crashed down into the peacefulness of nature and God's own garden. It's beautiful as an art piece, it's babbling like a talk show and it's posing a lot of questions. Mainly about the quality of narrative art. Are we really at the point where we need the sleeping fear which is involved in so many fairy tales? Where we need once again the cruelty like that in so many "Grimms Maerchen"?

-Rainald Schumacher

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kendell geers -- n/a

when you left amsterdam i forgot to get your address from you but i am now sitting at an internet cafe and found your name on the manifesta web site. I hope that it is going well there for you. what have you made? I don't really know what your own work looks like as opposed to what you make collaboratively. My fax number, if you are interested is **27-11-616.28.24 I would like very much to keep in touch with you. All the best Kendell

G.R.M. ten Horn --

greetings to Henrik Plenge Jacobsen, G.R.M. ten Horn, artist/curator (art world foundation,the Netherlands)

FRANCOIS Valerie --

adress 3 place des aubepines, 95170 DEUI LA BARRE