Author: Susan Goldman --- Date: 11/3/95--- Copyright: ThingReviews NYC

The Chemical Brothers
Exit Planet Dust

Distributed by Caroline Records Inc.
114 W. 26th Street, NY, NY 10001

Available in NYC at Throb,
211 E. 14th Street (between 2nd and 3rd Avenues)

totally electronic gel, planting a seductively slick funk and sometime dub seed in the outer spaces. Super smooth hoppity bass and psychadelic crunchy patterning send you ever, ever skyward. The occasional track with vocals ranges from pillow soft to the hybrid: fuzzy plus shouting (Life is Sweet). A playful130 beats per minute.

-Susan Goldman

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Morgan Garwood --

dig it, dig it, dig it... yo, anybody following what's afoot with the New Albion label?

Martin Beck --

It is nice to read that at least some people in NY know to appreciate good music, even when it takes a while, because the cited record is already a few months old. Did you see them "perform" at Irving Plaza this Monday?

Susan Goldman --


Craig Kalpakjian --

Chemical Bros. at Irving plaza - what a show! I was really taken by surprise. I liked the cd - but didn't really expect that much from the performance. They really PLAYED - they were totally into what they were doing - and I thought they really connected with the audience - not so easy when your working with electronic/preprogramed/sequenced stuff. I was surprised to see them refered to as DJ's in the press. They totally lifted me from a funky down mood.

Martin Beck --

wasn't that a great show. I saw them already in London in a tiny funky club: dj-ing and they were fucking fantastic. What really amazed me about their "project" is how little they rely on tuning beats, but just know every note of their record collection. All this 70s Funk underneath really adds another layer to sampling which few people have had the abilitiy to include before. I am waiting for more: any suggestions??