Author: Wolfgang Staehle --- Date: 10/15/95--- Copyright: ThingReviews NYC

Guenter Foerg
Architecture, Moscow 1923 - 1941
Luhring Augustine
130 Prince St., NYC
Sept. 21 - Oct. 21

Felix Gonzles-Torres
Andrea Rosen
130 Prince St., NYC
Sept. 8 - Oct. 14

Roy Arden, Gaylen Gerber
American Fine Arts
22 Wooster St., NYC
Sept. 9 - Sept. 30

After three weeks of abstinence I finally made my pilgrimage to Soho to see a few shows again. Started off with Luhring Augustine to check out Gunter Forgs photographs of modernist architecture in Moscow. Nice presentation of medium sized black and white prints, pinned onto wood panels and seamlessly arranged on three gallery walls. Considering Forg's alcohol consumption I was amazed to see that some were actually in focus. The printing was deliberately (or maybe not?) sloppy and the paper was not pressed flat. Quite different from his photos of fascist architecture, which he prefers to present behind glass, on a larger scale and with heavy wooden frames. What does it all mean? I have no idea, but the installation looked convincing and fresh. It bears the mark of the the hand of an old professional who knows his bizness.

Upstairs at Rosen, Felix Gonzales-Torres shows b/w prints of birds in the sky. Nicely framed with mattes, the gallery walls tinted a bluish grey for overall effect. Pleasing and elegant and certainly sellable. No more silly candy on the floor pieces. Too bad, they always tasted excellent.

Further down on Wooster, I walked in Colin DeLand's to experience an instant deja vue effect. Turns out that I had seen the Grahamesque photos of buildings and landscapes by Roy Arden about a year ago at Nicole Klagsbrun (who, as rumor has it, is closing by the end of the year). Juxtaposed with Gaylen Gerber's grey monochromes they... go figger.

-Wolfgang Staehle

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