Author: Sante Scardillo --- Date: 10/22/95 --- Copyright: ThingReviews NYC

Toland Grinnell
Basilico Fine Art
26 Wooster
Sept. 9- Oct. 14

Here Barney meets Bill viola and Bruce Nauman; they all merry-go-round. This time we are inside a vinyl leather tent with a huge mat where the video was shot, littered with the soft vinyl leather props used in it by its only actor, you guessed it, Mr. Grinnell himself, with a Texas chainsaw massacre-like mask. As for the video, it is revolving not so slowly, attached to a long pole overhead and without much narrative: It is the artist, frolicking with the vinyl leather toys, making up some stories, but the manner and the acting made me think of masturbation. The Rousseau-like painting at the entrance and the parlor room at the end of the cul-de-sac shaped show , made of soft etc. etc. like everything but the TV monitor and gear, were pleasant. In fact, they totaled upwards of $ 30,000 in sales, an indication that they must be good. According to the market.

-Sante Scardillo

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programmer guy --

my comment here.... neato.

ahetherington --

Really people, this is abismal. Try reading something.