Author: Sante Scardillo --- Date: 10/22/95 --- Copyright: ThingReviews NYC

Jim Anderson
Bliss Jag
Ronald Feldman
31 Mercer St., NYC
Thru Dec. 2

It was inevitable: since the artists are invading the realm of glitzdom, now the osmosis is complete: Anderson, who was an accomplished rock musician (though not a star) and a director/producer of corporate movies/commercials till very recently, has entered the art arena with flare and fanfare. Inevitably, he is very good at what he does. Comparisons do not bear. The show looks like a big stand at a furniture show. Only the furniture is a bit "strange": it has very suggestive, anthropomorphic connotations, which become less and more strange when one watches the shorts on view on the many monitors scattered throughout the gallery, which are synchronized to very seductive, soft techno music. Needless to say, the videos show hunks of meat of all sexes at play with the "furniture" which is sleek, lacquered and colored.

-Sante Scardillo

(Sante Scardillo: Me, as a critic, -vs- Me, as an artist )

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Jeff Macaluso --

I'd like to know Ronald Feldman's home page address so that I can look at Jim Anderson's exhibit on-line. I can barely read the review because of the choice of colors used on this page.