Author: Sante Scardillo--- Date: 10/22/95--- Copyright: ThingReviews NYC

Laura Stein
Basilico Fine Art
26 Wooster Street
Oct. 21 - Nov. 18

This gallery persists, although this time the price tags have imploded. There is a bent of the medical-mechanical genetics manipulation here: the video has to do with growing a tomato in the shape of Snoopy, the testimonial for an insurance company who was formerly a cartoon star. This is achieved by surrounding the unsuspecting sprouts with plasticy, stinky molds which are in the gallery, some attached to an actual tomato plant. The props here are cross over, between custom and serialized: not quite the tissue dispensers of Alix Pearlstein's video last month in the sweatiest gallery space ever, but not the unique barneyian gear.

--Sante Scardillo

(Sante Scardillo: Me, as a critic, -vs- Me, as an artist )

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