Author: T.R. --- Date: 10/21/95 --- Copyright: ThingReviews NYC

Jason Fox
Red Paintings
76 Greene St., 2nd floor
Through November 18, 1995

A very impressive show by Jason Fox opened at Feature on October 19. Using only blood red and white on traditionally stretched canvases, Fox presents the sick vision which he's been developing in various media for years; a hallucinogenic world of morphing 'metal-head' monsters situated in a psychedelic late-twentieth century ("I don't know what the hell to do, and I'm bored and rotting to death") landscape. But since these paintings are monochromatic a lot of the 'painterlyness' of the previous work is gone, making them look like obsessive, over-sized doodles. No more sleeping bags (or Friday the 13th #13), these pieces are clearly defined, keeping everything focused on Fox's mythic vision itself, which simply put, is beautifully terrifying. With titles like "Regypt" and "The Penultimate Truth" these paintings are the sublime of today.



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