Author: Sante Scardillo --- Date: 11/12/95--- Copyright: ThingReviews NYC

The Builders Association
Master Builder

Storefront for Art and Architecture
97 Kenmare St.,NYC
Nov. 3rd & 4th

This theater company constructs unusual settings for their architecturally slanted productions. On view at Storefront is an excerpt of a larger production based on Ibson's text of crumbling family values and XIX century ideals. The set is made of a ramshackle wooden house with an undulated plexiglas back wall. In the room is an armchair, a microphone, a small black and white TV turned toward the audience. A computerized console coordinates the apparently simple light and sound stages. An actress (Jane Smith, widow of Tony) sits in the armchair and reads a reminiscing monologue which soon becomes a dialogue between her and a deranged men, a kinsman living in the house. His shadow is visible on the undulated plexiglas brandishing a microphone, while only his face is visible on the TV monitor, closely cropped and followed in time lapse photography during each gyration of his angry, disturbed persona. The tension and crescendo brought to his explosion are masterfully built as is the narrative device of the proximity/distance implied by their physical contiguity and video contact. The performance lasts 10 minutes and is the vanguard of a new, full fledged production scheduled for the spring of 1996.

-Sante Scardillo

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tammy --

I have an english project comming up on Ibson and this sounded interesting I was wondering if we could maybe borrow an idea for or oral presentation(it had to be funny, we were thinking of acting out a short skit, and liked what we found in the above description. Thankyou very much