Author: Serge Khripoun --- Date: o6/10/96 --- Copyright: ThingReviews NYC

Art Moscow 96
Organized by Expo-Park
Central House of Artists Exhibition Hall
May 31 to June 6, 1996

Since 1993, Moscow haven't had any art fair. And now, at last, here it comes! Expo-Park, Russia's famous expo organizer, better known for design, architecture and computer shows, decided to try their effort at promoting fine arts. Despite lack of experience in such a specific field, organizers succeeded to make up a really representative event, joining 36 best Moscow galleries and a dozen of art service companies at the biggest local exhibition hall. The show resulted well in trade as well: 600 buyers from about 16 thousand viewers is a good figure for the developing art community in the country awaiting presidential election.

Galleries presented all varieties of art from XIX century classical and primitive to modern decorative and contemporary. One of the most interesting events was appearance by the British art-star Andrew Logan at Roza Azora Gallery. He was interviewed by Russia's leading art and fashion magazines - here he's pictured with Alexander Balashov, editor in chief of 'Predmet Iskusstva' (Object of Art) magazine. (Sorry, GIF87ab has been damaged en route)

Mr. Logan's fantastic shiny jewellery became a buy of the show, being especially popular with art community.

According to several polls - among journalists, art-critics, gallery owners and public - Andrew Logan shared "the best artist at the show" nomination with Moscow conceptualist Igor Makarevich. Other nominees were - for the artists - Ivan Chuikov, Natalya Nesterova, Evgeny Mitta and Anatoly Zhuravlev. XL Gallery was named the best gallery, with Roza Azora and Catalog Gallery coming up next. Most experts and critics agree that Art Moscow has good enough perspectives to become a regular - planned as annual - forum for the best in Russian art, and probably get an international status soon.

Serge Khripoun

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Paul Judelson --

The "best in Russian art," or any art, is not always in Moscow. After the opening of Art Moscow, Andrew Logan took a train to St. Petersburg, where he saw the exhibition "Evolution of an Image," by Sergei Bugaev (Afrika), at the State Russian Museum. This show, which featured a 20 ft. high metal sphere and installations of sound and light, was a collaboration with Finnish artists Tommi Gronlund and Peteri Nisunen. It was curated by Olessia Turkina. Also in St. Petersburg, two days before the elections, "Along the Frontier" opened at the Russian Museum's Marble Palace. With four installations by Bruce Nauman, Bill Viola, Anne Hamilton Anne Hamilton and Francis Torres, "Along the Frontier" is probably the most significant international show of contem- porary art ever to open in Russia. The show will eventually make it to Moscow - after travelling to Kiev, Warsaw and Prague. Paul Judelson

Serge Khripoun --

Thanks to Paul Judelson, I can't but agree as for "the best in Russian art isn't always in Moscow". We are waiting for video art show here as well. I also hope that cultural links between Moscow and St.Petersburg would strengthen - as with the rest of the world.