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Access/Excess Site by akke wagenaar

an e-terview

by ricardo dominguez

"Capital demands scarcity, both of production and of erotic pleasure, rather than limit its requirements simply to morality or chastity"

Q: Digital bifurcations have constructed spaces for RadikalGirls to emerge in zones of erotic autonomy as eccess/excess. Your WEB site brought together a number of these women. With Bataille and Hakim Bey as the theoritical weave--how did this coagulation happen?

A:B&B are my favourite technicians of words and I loved these women whom I found in the playboy so I wanted them to get married a bit it was a dark dark lonely night - I was bored.

Q:Are these electronic bodies representations of a cyborgflesh force alluded to by Donna Harraway and Sadie Plant--a mutation of women, machines, and hallucinogenic spaces?

"In effect the primitivists will get less wilderness than they demand, and the extropians will get less tech. Nevertheless, all but the most fanatical extremists on either side will be reconciled to the messy utopia of desire or so I predict -because it will be organized around pleasure and surplus, rather than the denial and scarcity expressed by the totality."

A: I think these women have such an alluring energy that it even works in digital form (their charm their spirit their flesh).

Q: Is digiflesh erotics different from previous forms of flesh-to-flesh contact--or does it still carry strains of our sexual histories?

A: All media carry spirit - also erotic spirit.

Q: Are we now driven by our viral fears to seek electronic whips and chains to open the possibilities of new zones of imaginary frenzys or e-mail orgies and beyond?

A: We look to connect in whichever way we can and will use media and whips if we have to.

Q: Are these RadikalGirl digisubjectives part of deterritorialized process of empowerment--which is nolonger bound the narrative codes of feminist agendas of the 70's and 80's?

A: I lost my feminist agenda in the 80's empowerment is on almost everybody's agenda nowadays.

Q: Is WEBfeminism cracking open porn and allowing it to spillout into an unavowable spasm of pleasure that has no name?

A: Female eroticism has always been a very strong force. With the radikal play girls I tried to oppose thinking about pleasure against experiencing pleasure I had not expected that in opposing them, both would enhance each other so much (I had thought the women would beat the men, and the experience beat the thinking).

"The concept of the TAZ was never intended as an abandonment of past or future -the TAZ- existed, and will exist -but rather as a means to maximize autonomy and pleasure for as many individuals and groups as possible as soon as possible -even here and now."

ricardo dominguez

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