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Author: Sante Scardillo --- Date: 12/22/95 --- Copyright: ThingReviews NYC

Blue Velvet
directed by David Lynch
Angelika Film Center
18 W. Houston St.

Velvety Blue

How many times has Quentin Tarantino watched this movie? The answer is evidently hidden in his masterful (by default) "Pulp Fiction". Blue Velvet transposed gothic bloodlust from cheap horror and son of Rambo movies into "Leave it to Beaver" and ten years later, much imitated, is still hilarious and thrilling. The good cop speaks and looks like Sam from "The Honeymooners" and Frank Booth seems truer than evil in a Dennis Hopper performance that one of his ex-wives called "Just another night at home with Dennis". No need to run to the video store, it plays occasionally at Angelika, midnight and weekends.

-Sante Scardillo

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J.L Beek --

Hi My name is Nathalie and I would like to have your opinion on the movie Blue velvet. Particularly from a feminists perspective. Looking forward to hearing from you.


blue fucking velvet

Cameron Brown --

A fantastically elicit and insightful movie. A only wish Freud was still alive to apreciate it: "Baby wants to fuck"

Dinga -- I don't know

I'm doing an essay on this and you have not really been much help. By the way, I love the movie!

Chuck Jankowski --

where is blue velvet hidden in pulp fiction???

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bla bla blue

The Internet DJ --

I want BLue Velvet on VHS and Laserdisc... Please email if you want to sell your copy!