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Author: Mr. Pam --- Date: 12/22/95 --- Copyright: ThingReviews NYC

Death in Vegas
Dubs; Rematerialised, GBH

Concrete Recordings
PO Box 4443
London SW6 3XF
fax (44) 171 371 8165

Aunt Betty-Jo and her new boyfriend in the garage. The snow piled up so high the garage door won't open anymore. It's warm enough that they don't actully have to wear jackets but the concrete floor is so cold they've actully found a use for those platform sneakers her son bought and only used once.

Betty-Jo reaches back, behind the old copies of Popular Mechanics and Consumer Reports for her baggie and pulls out, they lights, a Big-Un. She lays down a monstrously heavy buck-naked beat, then proceeds to empty the bass all over it. Next to the mower her boyfriend sits down behind the organ that would never get through any of the doorways. The Sears guys were supposed to come by. He takes a mighty hit and proceeds.

--Mr. Pam

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Michele Borg --

I want to attain Death in Vegas - please send the 411 - Gratzi

Alison Hogg --

Dirt is cool


Ryan --

What Are they saying in Dirt?

Rumplstiltzkin --

Does anyone know of where i can get the entire "dirt" song on real audio???

rumplstiltzkin --

they're saying "this was one thing i was gonna wait a while before we talked about, but i guess I'll talk about it know so you can think about it. We all have to make some kind plans for ourselves. It's a free concert from now on. There's one major thing you have to remember tonight whether you go back up to the woods to go to sleep or stay here. Is that the man next to you is your brother, and you damn well better treat each other that way, because if you don't, then we've blown everything that we've done right then and there." ......or something very similar to that.

just Call me Chaos -- or

dirt is a very cool song, i wish they played it more on M2 and MTV. Same question, if anyone knows where i can get "DIRT" on midi or real audio, that I would be very appreciative for. Do they have any other songs?? If so i haven't heard any. -Chaos

MJ --

What are they saying later in the video and on the CD? On the CD it sounds like " Lets forget it, f**k it, come bump till ya clay" ??? Now I know that doesn't make sense but that is what it sounds like, and if you have heard the video it sounds like they left out the "f**k it" part and left a pause... What is that guy saying to is it, "Whats that spell" or "Whats that smell"??? If you can answer please mail or leave a comment.

bILL --

The talking in the song is from a recording of the original Woodstock. The guy is shouting "What's that spell?" after saying "f" "u" "c" "k", and the crowd respond by shouting out the right answer. I've always found it funny to imagine they're saying "what's that smell?", though.

me --

I don't know about you guys, but my fave on that album is "rekkit". Is this their first album, or are there others? . You people email me if you know any other good techno S*it like this that I'd like. Oh yeah, and lemme know too if there are any midis for anyhting of their's

MJ --

Now I know he his not spelling F U C K when he is shouting, there is just to much talking. Please someone tell me either what he is really saying, or what they think it sounds like. and by the way I think rekkit kicks ass! and for anyone else that likes rekkit I would recommend getting Further Down the Spiral by: Nine Inch Nails and listening to " at the heart of it all " That song is synthed similar to rekkit.

Chris Vannoy --

The voice at the beginning of dirt, and the "What's that spell?" are both taken from Woodstock recordings. I have the cd's and they are on there. The "What's that spell" was taken from Country Joe McDonald's "F-U-C-K" cheer, where he repeatedly yells, "What's that spell?" to the audience. The first voice is one of the organizers of the festival declaring that it is to be a free concert.

Jay --

Does anybody know where i can get a 128/14 MP3 of "Dirt" I will be gladly to trade for something.

Neil Francis --

I went to see Death in Vegas last night (supporting the Chemical Brothers, Brixton Academy) and I thought they were amazing, anyone got any feed back on lastnights gig? Mail me if you have

Bill --

The slightly speeded up voice is saying "Let you get a f*cking gun butt to your gut". I saw D in V last supporting the C. Brothers at Brixton on Saturday. They rocked the place. I saw them there in April, supporting the C. Brothers again, but they just keep getting better...

Ryan Anderson --

I Think that "DEATH IN VEGAS" is too cool, I would appriciate any further information about any more new releases and osme tour date's! IM a 25 year old male and I live in Fargo ND...

Kylie --

Death in Vegas rock!!! Does anyone have any biographical info on them - I would appreciate it for a review I'm doing.

Rekkit --

DIRT: "Flinch you'll get a fuckin' gun to the butt" is the quote that's sampled in the song. Check out the first and only unofficial Death In Vegas Site: ""

Tricky --
Responds: Dirt, it sounds more like they're saying "Flinch you'll get a f-ckin gun butt to your gut," gut meaning stomach. Maybe it's just me...I dunno.

carrie giere --

death in vegas is pretty cool. i love the video for dirt. What's that smell?

Anthony Anderson --

Hi guys......

mått --

yo. who knowz of any DiV shows in new york? Dirt is the best ****ing song in existence. What's that smell?? hehehe

ethonos --

for me to like an electronicaly centered band they have to either have meaningful lyrics(nine inch nails) or guitar and a bass. Death in Vegas, dead elvis has everything from ambient to earthy to heavy and loud. and when its all over your like, "yep, glad i bought that"