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Author: Rainald Schumacher --- Date: 12/18/95 --- Copyright: ThingReviews NYC

Richard Prince
Barbara Gladstone Gallery
99 Greene St.
thru December

What did he do in his earlier works? He worked with the romantic male heroes of the advertising companies. Somehow out of fashion but quite successful for selling - cigarettes at least. He worked with the images of the biker scene. Somehow out of fashion but they seemed to have a lot of fun - the guys at least. He was using drawings for jokes. Somehow out of fashion but they are a kind of barometer for the state of society. These jokes - the words - he put on monochrome canvases giving the impression of a lot of conceptual and minimalist works. And it is strange that the whole mountain of nicely developed theories about art is collapsed in these paintings into a joke, one often discriminating against minorities.

What is he doing now? Abstract paintings, very near the edge, where the mind of the viewer starts to construct something visual. And he is using jokes too, with the same effect they had before, making a joke about the ideologies of abstract painting. What for? To make a big step in the direction of painting, to create the open field painting needs--open and free from past ideologies. We all want to change the world. "But if you want money forpeople with minds that hate, then I tell you brother you have to wait." (Revolution- something like that) At least Richard Prince loves painting and conceptual art and minimal art and jokes. Isn't he a good artist?

-Rainald Schumacher

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John Boone --

Yes, he is a good artist and he is entitled to a questionable outing and this show was it.

hiroe kawakami --

Yes! I think he is good artist!!

hiroe kawakami --

Yes! I think he is good artist!!

alexander seitz --

he is very important! he is very important! he is very important!