Author: Sante Scardillo --- Date: 08/27/96 --- Copyright: ThingReviews NYC

Clegg and Guttman Exhibition
American Fine Arts Co
22 Wooster St
NY, NY 10013

Sparse, trendy artworld crowd, enclosed by large portrait photography on the walls. In the middle of the room oversized portfolios that had to be handled by two or more people if one wanted to review them. Martin Guttman, with a grin stamped on his face, made the best of it by helping Andrea Rosen inspect portfolios in an intimate tete-a-tete at the dead center of the gallery. Andrea enjoyed the spotlight and had come attired to enjoy it: high heel open sandals, obnoxious mini skirt and techno-kid Adidas top on which her grey tressess cascaded. Not being so outfitted, I had a hard time co- opting the help of art world aquaintances into inspecting portfolios with me.

Jacky McAllister, Ann Chu and Anwroy turn me down as they busily ran around or perhaps just ran away. Meanwhile, a flim was shown: a series of short sequences of individuals putting their hands over a lit candle, as close as they could until they had reached the threshold of pain. The film was stating the obvious: pain is subjective. But, no one on screen displayed any sense of humour--only macho faces that did not look at the camera. If I had been asked to do this gesture--I would have put my hand a full yard above the candle and smiled at the camera, for this type of gesture I would have ended up on the cutting room floor. The artworld crowd did not seem to care about any of it and seemed oblivious to the humid heat of the gallery. They were bored, I was bored, they stayed, I left.


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that's just sweltering. but, do they have any square yards of arizona left to sell? perhaps one with a large YUCCA in the center?