Author: Ricardo Dominguez --- Date: 08/23/96 --- Copyright: ThingReviews NYC

by Geoff Waite

Our code culture is possessed by a corps/e that has programmed our every move and thought using the most advance form of infection yet devised by any individual or govermental system--the sublime-effect of esoterrorism. A process activated by Nietzsche to channel by what ever means necessary any political or social gesture toward the continuous reinstatement of the "Greek State" (a psychoplasmic Democracy of Masters and slaves) within our digi-state of fascoid-liberal avatars, virtual-leftist, and cyberfacist. No one and nothing has or can escape this hauntological process--his position is one that always remains outside perception because of his supreme use of scotomization--the use of a strategy of hallucinatory-reversal that induces the reader too "not see" what is at the center of one's sight, ". . . a physical blind spot intended by Nietzsche--a textual blind spot produced at the center of the visual-textual field whenever something potentially very dangerous to the reader is at stake--most notably, willing subservience as slaves under the illusion of being 'free'." This rigid political designation is unpacked within a fluid style of a hyper-aesthetics that can disavow and detour our gaze as "unlimited" interpretation. Which can then morph our "un/canny world of cyberpunks and cyborgs--into techno-Nietzsche/anism."

Nietzsche's corps/e is subcutaneous organ-without-body that can dig into our everyday life like a crack-high, a speedball rush, or night of endless screenal recline--his dream is to enforce a will to power, a will to virtuality, a will to endlessly repeat the greek ideal, the amor fati of a will to slavery and pain. "The eudaemonic, social ideals lead people backwards--but these same ideals--objectionable as they may be in terms of intellectual honesty--may lead to a very useful species of workers--they will produce the ideal slave of the future--the lower class that must not be lacking!" Thus spoke Nietzsche in the fall of 1883.

Nietzsche's WEB site has brought into his fold almost all of those "leftist" who would most struggle against him by flipping them around and placing them before a mirror-without-a-tain, where revolution becomes the counter-revolution of postleftist cynicism. A technoculture where Newt and Bataille become part of the same War Party of neo-liberalism. A virtual-state where "Nietzsche has been reevaluated and is now left-wing, whereas Marx is rigth-wing.' Ricardo inserts a pistol into his mouth and blows out his brains." Nietzsche's hammer created a hard kernal of esoteric terrorism, a multi-cultural Videodrome program, covered by a nano-exoteric mask just like our Jason on a Friday nigth spinning his knife and hacking away at any flesh that goes beyond his core code. Their is no escape--a sequel is always on the horizon.

Ricardo Dominguez

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oubliequery --

your sytle tains your esoterocism


yoonseongjin -- philos5

please send me more information: journal, papers and so on. thank you!

ricardo dominguez --

Are seeking info on esoterrorist or me--first one: get the book; the other: go to thanx, rd

llull --

geoff waite was my teacher when i was a grad student at cornell in the 1986-on era and has been a constant inspiration. he doesn't do email or www but i'll send him a copy. this book is a shorter version of a multithousand page magnum opus on nietzsche heidegger and holderlin that he's been scribbling on for years. he's written some great articles on art history "las meninas", taught gramsci, german romanticism, faust, and likes the sex pistols and linton kwesi johnson and philip k. dick. cheers, daniel (llull)

Amaury Perez --
Responds: excellent.. but you need my help with the web site..

Stephen Lloyd Harrington --

If you had read your Nietzsche well you would have noticed very little about him absolute as your description. Nietzsche merely pointed humanities "Will to Power", that is...we must will. It is true my friend, hate it as you will. And if we are to will, we should note as well Nietzsche's most important observation...we live in a subjective world. Are you calling Nietzsche a subjective fascist? A perspectivist and a fascist? There is a contradiction. Nietzsche Noble/Slave model is not something he tried to impose, but something he observed. In fact, it would be fair to say he quite fairly noted the slavishness of us all. To live with burning resentment - To believe in objective truth - To sink into nihilism - To will nothingness - this is the Slave! Nietzsche is not about politics my left-right labeling friend. He is about humanity.


Nietzsche was the revolutionary par excellance: the general without an army, the maestro without an orchestra, the prophet without a God, and the master without a slave. Yet, he knew the mind and soul of man well enough to be able to plot a posthumous assault: an army of philosophers from the future to do his "weeding out" his "selection" of desirable, usable, necessary servants. No slavery, no culture; know slavery, know culture. An excellent companion to Waite's anti-summa is Stanley Rosen's "The Mask of Enlightenment: Nietzsche's Zarathutsra" where Nietzsche's project is one of Platonic republic building: complete with noble lies, slaves, masters, philosopher-kings and all. Likewise, an excellent antidote to both of these works is Graham Parkes' "Composing the Soul: the Reaches of Nietzsche's Psychology" where Nietzsche's political agenda is turned inward into an internal ordering of the psyche politik.

David J. Beaulieu --

Besides the Graham Parkes book that Uberdude suggests as an antidote to Mr. Waite's book, one should also consult Paul Leslie Thiele's book entitled "Friedrich Nietzsche and the Politics of the Soul: A Study in Heroic Individualism." Uberdude and I are on opposite sides on this issue; we both participate on a Nietzsche discussion board (the "Nietzsche Virtual Seminar"). One of the many objections I have to this idea that Nietzsche practiced "esoterrorism" can be summed up in one word: why? That is, what did Nietzsche-- a man who frankly said that he did not believe in any one 'truth' and that he was not an 'improver' of mankind-- what exactly did he have to gain from all this? Even assuming that he was somehow prophetic enough to see all that Mr. Waite imagines Nietzsche saw, why would this avowed "immoralist" and "antipolitical" solitary go through all this trouble to tell the biggest lie in history? Is it not perhaps more likely that Mr. Waite saw a good opportunity here to sell some books? That is, most modern books on Nietzsche provide favorable interpretations; there's a good market out there for NEGATIVE interpretations on Nietzsche. After all, conservatives and insecure liberals need to have SOMETHING to read concerning so famous a philosopher as Nietzsche!-- David J. Beaulieu