Author: Carlo McCormick --- Date: 4/1/97 --- Copyright: ThingReviews NYC


Serge Kliaving & David West

Max Fish 178 Ludlow Street

March 27 - April 27, 1997

Dumpster Divers is an exhibition of collaborative works by Serge Kliaving from France and David West from the United States.

The title refers to an old expression: to rummage through the trash in search of treasure. Kliaving and West, friends since 1993, but of vastly different temperaments, have attempted for their own sick amusement to work together, and found the results most satisfying. As their friends muled (carried) the work between Paris and New York City, they found this cul-de-sac of images had become an actual show of its own. Some collaborations are confrontational, but in this instance they kind of stepped back and just let shit happen.

Kliaving, known in Europe for his violent, at times disturbing political art, and West, an aesthetic misanthrope and trans-global tourist, merge and sometimes collide in their individual visions and shared revisions. Not afraid to be immature, scatological or just plain dumb, they pull it off in poetic mimesis of our greater cultural dysfunction.

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