An Onyx!

Your best machine.


Father, I know that the ONYX is the machine you can be most proud of. It's THE PRODUCT everybody in the industry envies you for.

I need it. Desperately.

I work with Apple Macintosh for five years now. My "father" bought me a Quadra 840av two years ago. It's got 48MB of RAM, a 1GB Harddiskdrive, a 1024x768 24bit screen with an accelerated graphics card from SuperMac. But it's too slow! And it's even outdated even now. They don't sell it anymore. Instead they've launched these PowerMacs. I'm doing computer animation with the Electric Image Animation System. But even on a PowerMac it takes minutes(!) to complete one single frame.
Father, I know, you laugh at them. Because your machines are so much better, nearly incomparable, they're simply the BEST, the heaven on this earthly computer-generated world.
I have a project now, father, it's called STATE OF RESEARCH, it'll be one hour (60 minutes) of pure computeranimation with millions of polygons, thousands of textures, decal-mapped, transparency-mapped, reflection-mapped, bump-mapped, displacement-mapped, with shadows, reflections, light rays, light glows, volume-rendered fog, depth-cueing, kinematics, particles and other state of the art special effects.
60 minutes, father, that are 90.000 Videoframes and 76 GB of diskspace! It's only the ONYX, the PowerOnyx, which could complete that job. Father, that I've finally become a computer artist must be your greatest triumph. After this it would be no problem to give me an ONYX, wouldn't it?

Father, I need a PowerONYX with 12 MIPS R8000 90 MHz processors with 16KB Instruction- and 16KB Data- and 4MB per processor Additional-Cache and 16GB RAM with 8-way interleaving, ECC protected and a RealityEngine2 Graphicssystem and a Sirius Video In/Out Board and 1 TB (tera byte) disk array system.

This would greatly improve my ability to do some decent work on computer animation.

Thank you.

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