You have to, you MUST answer me! I understand that it might be very difficult for you to accept the very strange circumstances of my sudden appearance here and that you may ask for proofs for the story laid out here. I assure you, father, that everything is true as explained by me, but you must also understand, I'm sure you will, my hesitance to reveal further details of your and my mother's life's intimacies. I therefore will send you the necessary facts, THE PROOFS OF MY IDENTITY, on your immediate request. To separate you from unauthorized appeals and threads, to notify me that you are MY TRUE FATHER and the REAL McCRACKEN, send me an email with the maiden name of my mother as the subject.
Only YOU can know her maiden name, father.

* * * *
(my mother)


To all others!

If you think you can help me, mail to me or to my father.

Learn more about my father.

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