and it freaks me out

New Stuff--what is it and where can I get it?! Is it a virus? Is it good with a side order of fries? Will it help digirati get GoGo Dancers? Probably not. But, it may lead to inventing an electronic something, a new island, a site of that has no name. So lets gather together and yak about what's new in your worlds. Let's re-look at old questions that are lurking around again --can we sidestep the same old architecture of command and control? Can art puncture or retro-fit technology with a refined chaos? Should the WEB be refolded into a tiny object and sent back to Mars? So many questons and so few answers--and a horizon of unlimited possibilities.

Part of the New Stuff thing is a call for bioglyphic access--to meet flesh to flesh, smell to smell, toe to toe--to make New Stuff a meat/meet thing. Why not? We have the space and I know some kids who play the piano--let's put on a show! New Stuff will be hosting some gatherings in the months to come--by invitation only! You have to get past the huge transsex thang at the door to get in. So you better have your invite or you won't get in!

So what is New Stuff then--it's a Thing Happening--it's a Thing Tank for the unthought that takes place between bodies when they have nothing to do but sit around, eat, drink, dance and yak. Oh! Did I mention it's BYOWEB.


ricardo dominguez